The concept of Snoezelen was developed in the Netherlands in the 1970s as a therapy strategy with various applications. It has proven to be success as a multi-sensory approach to helping individuals with autism, cognitive delays and dementia.


MAXABILITIES, in cooperation with Snoezelen experts from Canada, has developed a “Snoezelen Room” for use by MAXABILITIES children and adults. This space has some unique features that include a computer projection system that creates interactive play opportunities, various sensory integration tools and a projection system that allows an immersive video experience. In addition to the benefits of sensory integration, parents can test products available in the room that they may want to order for use at home.


Some of the applications of Snoezelen include:


Early Childhood Development:
  • introduction to various forms of stimuli to increase sensation awareness (touch, hearing, smells, sight)
  • increases processing skills
  • improve fine and gross motor skills
  • allows families to engage with their children in the sensory integration process


Adult Sensory Integration:
  • de-escalation activities for individuals with complex behavioral needs
  • increases focus and coordination
  • allows exploration of sensory images and tactile objects to increase the ability to engage with various stimuli effectively
  • multi-sensory activities have been proven to aid in the care of individuals with dementia